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Basins of Interest

Williston Basin Powder River Basin North Park Denver Basin Raton Basin San Juan Basin Paradox Uinta Basin Piceance Basin

Thermal Studies

Temperature studies are an important tool in accessing maturation, hydrocarbon generation and geothermal potential. In addition, sometimes they can be useful in determining over-pressure.

While there are published geothermal gradient maps for some basins, regional studies with the data deliverable in user friendly formats for software actually in current use by industry and sampling on a consistent detailed grid are rare to non-existent. Structure, hydrocarbon and pressure cause perturbations of the geo-thermal gradient. Because of this Innovative Geo-Tech Resources, LLC and Laramide Geosciences LLC have teamed up and are soliciting interest in basin temperature studies. The study (ies) will be regional in nature and performed on a “spec-shoot” basis.

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